Easy Sunday School Planner 8.0

Easy Sunday School Planner 8.0: A gift to all of the many teachers who teach Sunday School. The Easy Sunday School Planner is a gift from RCL Software to all of the many teachers who take of their time, in many cases hours, to prepare for a Bible study class. This program can be downloaded and used by all. We thank the Lord for giving us a talent that may contribute to the feeding and saving of souls. Each lesson consists of three primary sections; general lesson plan, individual teachers lesson plan and class member maintenance.

The Hat List randomizer and random name selector.
The Hat

Just like drawing names from a hat to determine a random order for a group of people or to choose individual random names or pairs of names, complete with cool animation and sound effects. Great for selecting winners of raffles or sweepstakes or for parents or teachers to determine a random, arbitrary order in which to allow kids to do chores or activities.

raffle, lottery, education, names, children, kids, drawing, random, sweepstakes, order, teachers, list, parents

iSpellWell 2001.1: Spelling tutor designed for parents, teachers, schools and especially children.
iSpellWell 2001.1

iSpellWell is spelling tutor designed for parents, teachers, schools and children. It includes 65 lessons for grades 1-5 and nearly 1000 words and sentences. Additional lessons can be added easily by typing or by download. iSpellWell is founded on an intuitive testing interface that focuses on the individual child`s performance. The more trouble a child has with a particular word, the more the child is required to practice that word.

ispellwell, voelker, education, spell, spelling, tutor, fundraiser, fundraising, teach

RubricBuilder 4.1.0: Creates rubrics from Ministry expectations and thousands of pre-written criteria
RubricBuilder 4.1.0

The Rubric Builder is a tool for helping teachers create rubrics quickly and easily. Contains thousands of courses and criteria to choose from. Ontario version contains the actual Ministry expectations. Content covers grades 4 through 12. The database of Criteria statements, each with 4 levels of description, is searchable by keyword, and assessment type. The resulting rubric can be printed or exported to MS Word or Corel Wordperfect.

courses, rubric, elementary school, secondary school, school, assessments, criteria, evaluation, teach, ministry of education, education, rubrics, expectations

Accu-Reading 3.1: Promotes mastery of specific reading skills.
Accu-Reading 3.1

teachers with measurable results. After an assessment, students work on specific skills or learn in a mixed practice format that includes crossword puzzles and two-answer questions. They receive help and contextual feedback. Students are able to track their progress and print results. Student scores are kept in a management system that allows teachers to view and print reports. Designed for students in U.S. grades 5 through 11 (age 10 and up). The

software, reading skills, education, reading software, reading

Gradebook Power 8.01: Teacher`s gradebook teacher-developed over 40 reports, attendance, seating chart
Gradebook Power 8.01

Gradebook for teachers. Over 40 teacher, student, and administrative reports, attendance, seating charts. Grade book supports block schedule, traditional and trimester academic school years. Allows multiple terms per semester, letter and/or number grades, conduct/citizenship grades, text and numerical comments, non-graded assignments. Email student progress reports.

wisco grade book, student, report cards, school, teacher, gradebook, grades

3 Charts - Drug Detection Periods 1.0: Drug detection time chart screensaver on your desktop.
3 Charts - Drug Detection Periods 1.0

The Drug detection screensaver from Trustests gives approximate detection periods for many substances of abuse by drug test type. Drug detection time chart screensaver help students and teachers see the detection times for many substances. The ranges depend on amount and frequency of use, metabolic rate, body mass, age, overall health, and urine pH. For ease of use, the detection times of metabolites have been incorporated into each parent drug.

chart, education, detection, abuse, time, desktop, health, screensaver, medical, software, science, teachers, students

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